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Listen to me. You are not out here being talked to every day.

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The pressure is kind of hard. We worked this with the Omaha police department. As Gary Caradori and Karen Ormiston sought out new witnesses on the streets of Omaha, they found themselves under constant threat. His vehicles were tampered with. I would think whoever tampered with them, it was a scare tactic because it was so obvious that they were being tampered with. He told us about this book, it was like addresses, telephone numbers, names. They had watched the all-stars baseball game and Caradori had been pursuing new leads.

The bodies of Gary Caradori and 8 year old AJ were found in the wreckage. The fact that this wreckage is scattered over a large area certainly demonstrates that it did break up in flight. The exact mechanism of the breakup yet is still unknown. The Federal Investigation was never able to discover what tore the plane apart. His brief case is missing. He may have had information that he was coming back with.

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Within 24 hours of the tragedy, FBI agents impounded all records of the investigation. And inside me, I know somebody killed by brother. If somebody can help us out or… somebody knows something. May God help those who did that to him and his family. He promised Sandie that he would recant his recantation and tell the truth.

I was going to do it and would, you know, the truth would come out, and somebody would be held accountable for his death. And then at the funeral I had seen FBI guys, you know, and they looked at me. You know, I was supposed to meet Senator Labedz?

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Troy Boner was to be the star witness against Alisha Owen but he grew uneasy about maintaining what he claims were the lies fed to him by the FBI. But when his brother Shawn died in and inexplicable gun accident, Troy and his family were convinced that he was sent a warning message. Yes, I do. You know, it should have been me. He had so much to give, I have taken so much.

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You know, it should have been the other way around. Two months later, it was disbanded leaving Schmit a broke man. I think the message delivered was if any of the committee ever tries to conduct a thorough investigation again, the same thing will happen. It has shaken my faith in the institutions of government. I used to be a firm believer that the system would work and that people who did things wrong would be punished. And we discovered victims who claim to have been abused and who the grand jury acknowledged had been abused, but they did not try to find out who had abused those individuals.

In July , Alisha Owen was convicted of perjury. Her sentence was between 9 and 25 years. Three months later, Larry King was jailed for the 40 million dollar fraud.

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He was given a 15 year sentence — 10 years less than Alisha Owen. He has become the lawyer for Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen. Hell, I was born here, raised here, I have 4 kids growing up here. The real cost, if I were going to say, to my family has been the fear and intimidation that has put some of the kids—a couple of the kids are really frightened and really had some sleeping problems over it—you know, hear this or that.

In the face of mysterious threats, John has turned for advice to his friend and onetime boss, former head of the CIA, Bill Colby. John DeCamp has arranged to meet Troy Boner, the young man he sees as the key to the cover-up. The reason is he carries the secret, so to speak. He served his purpose for the FBI and others by committing the lies that put the seal on the cover-up.

His greatest safety probably lies in doing exactly what he knows he should do—that is exposing the whole thing, taking one final last chance and telling the truth. It is just going to be a whole other kind of exploitation like it was last time, you know. I want this to go forward and have something done so that all those other kids who a lot more worse things have happened to can come forward and see that action can be taken because there are a lot of other kids out there that things happen to them, a lot worse that happened to me.

That means you go into Federal court, you go after the people that have done this cover-up, and you expose it so there is no longer any percentage on their part in eliminating you because the secret is out. I did lie before the grand jury. I did it because the authorities were forcing me to do it. And I was scared for my family, my brother had been killed when I tried to back out the one time. Alisha Owen is out of prison and on bail while DeCamp appeals against her perjury conviction. We had that up here once. Robert Sigler is the prosecuting attorney fighting to send Alisha Owen back to prison.

After lengthy negotiations, DeCamp emerges with the tapes the grand jury never saw. No, there was a stopover in Dallas, Fort Worth. Here it is, so to speak, the smoking gun, that they can go out and verify—the corroboration. In other words, the linkage to King that was denied.

Cover-up, organized, planned, deliberate cover-up. The courthouse Wahoo, Nebraska: the hearings begin. DeCamp discovers that Robert Sigler has sent the young man a threatening subpoena. Fearing arrest for perjury, Troy has gone into hiding. In court, DeCamp successfully pleads for another adjournment. Sigler, is it true you are about to charge on Troy Boner with perjury? Sigler, if you do not charge Troy Boner with perjury, does that mean you accept what he is saying is true? Every perpetrator, every perpetrator, even the convicted ones have been treated as conquering heroes.

Obviously, the FBI was protecting something a lot more significant than a bunch of old pedophiles having improper relations with little boys. They were protecting something a lot more significant than a bunch of drug peddlers. They were protecting, in my opinion, they were protecting some very prominent politicians, some very powerful and wealthy individuals associated with those politicians and the political system, up to and including the highest political people in this entire country.

Paul Bonacci has come too.

Larry King threw child-sex parties at his five thousand dollar a month Washington house. Paul Bonacci was one of the victims. There were a lot of flags from different countries when you drove around in the area.

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  4. Tragically, neither Gary nor his son made it back from Chicago alive. Witnesses said that they had seen a flash of light and that the plane came apart in the air. More unusual was that pieces of the plane, and all of Caradori? Shortly after Gary Caradori? After the recants the case started to fall apart for the prosecutors. The two witnesses who stood by their testimonies were later charged with perjury, which was unheard of for the age of the witnesses. Witness Alisha Owen was indicted on eight counts of Perjury, while the other witness Paul Bonacci was indicted on three counts of Perjury.

    Both Owen and Bonacci were sentenced stiff jail time, which both served in full. Days after Bonacci and Owen? While years have passed, many Omaha natives have put this dark part of Omaha behind them, but many stones went un-turned. Throughout the Franklin Case John DeCamp see key players page worked alongside Senator Loran Schmit as his advisory lawyer, but after the case fizzled he started investigating the case on behalf of different victims. After years of investigating the case DeCamp wrote the Franklin Cover-Up see the Franklin Cover-Up page , which serves and an invaluable resource in the education of this forever unraveling case.

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    DeCamp and others continue to fight for justice, working to expose those responsible for these heinous crimes. Pages can include considerable notes-in pen or highlighter-but the notes cannot obscure the text.