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Names only would be better. In the example above this one word rule has already been broken Malta PM. This thread reads to me as an attempt to push one-word blurbs through: a phrase with negative connotations used for names only, and no mockups provided which would show clearly that names are miles better. Inappropriate re-hashing of recently closed discussion. If you want to hold a discussion only about improving the nomination process, then please feel free.

However the separate section for recent deaths has been recently found to have a consensus already. Trying to re-open recently closed discussions is disruptive and inappropriate behaviour, and if it continues to occur I will escalate the behavioural issues against the individuals concerned, if necessary to the arbitration committee.

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I would add a proper discussion of the level of consensus needed. Crisp muncher seemed quite animated about this above and I do have SOME sympathy for that particular argument though not his outright opposition.

It also seems there is no agreement between editors on what is required to post - the motion was for a vote count which would be a departure from consensus. You among others state that the need for consensus is unchanged above. There's a settled consensus in favor of instituting the recent death ticker and an equally strong consensus against changing the nomination process. There is no need to override established rules for individual nominations in order to speed up the ticker as if the website were in risk of shutting down for lack of readers.

If it takes ten days or three weeks to get to a full hand, who cares? Nominate whomever you like, separately, and argue each case on the merits. Consensus for option D if and only if the image is of a living person, otherwise option A. With regards to living people WP:BLP is the project's most important policy, or at worst the second most important policy, it is also a policy that has to be taken extremely seriously. I think it is pretty clear that it is a BLP violation to have a picture of someone next to a piece about something else, and I don't think just saying pictured a few lines down - especially given how text heavy the main page is - is enough to avoid BLP issues.

With that in mind option A has to be discounted. I don't think there is any policy based argument to exclude any of the other options, so they were all considered going forward. As the options were organised as a vote, and there are a lot of options, closing it as a classic consensus would be impossible and given that WP:NOTVOTE is merely a guideline I feel it doesn't have to apply here.

However it wasn't setup like that from the start so I'm content to use single transferable vote as below.


I recalculated the options with option A excluded and option D still appeared to be the winner. If the image in question isn't of a living person, then WP:BLP doesn't apply and therefore option A should continue to stand per the lack of clear consensus for any of the other options in that case. Literally on average once a month someone proposes this exact thing, and it has been discussed multiple times each year in some detail.

Nothing has come of it yet. Perhaps this time something will happen, but if history is any model, nothing will change. Maybe that would move some change. I understand this is important to you. However, Wikipedia does not work by unilateral opinion. We have not even established that others besides you believe this is a BLP violation.

I have long argued that the image placement is a problem at ITN, so you're not doing any good arguing with me over the matter. Let's keep this to a reasoned discussion, let's make our case for a change, and also let's be open to the possibility that someone doesn't agree with us, m'kay? If people don't think it's a BLP violation to have a the name of a murderer next to some unrelated guy's picture, I don't know what's become of Wikipedia.

Even if this were a borderline case, and I don't think it is, we need to remain completely above reproach in upholding accuracy in information about living people. I wouldn't support any blocks on the assumption that whoever placed the news item there just didn't notice the horrible juxtaposition; but there really ought to be a better system in place to make sure image juxtaposition isn't causing things like this anymore. It may be. But experience has shown me that the quickest way to generate undue opposition to anything is to act unilaterally.

The correct action may be to fix this problem, but if one does that fix in the wrong way, people come out of the woodwork to object, and the correct thing gets undone, not because it wasn't correct in the first place, but because one was a dick when enacting the correct action.

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A road rage incident is being looked into by Murfreesboro Police that happened near the intersection of Memorial and East Clark Boulevards. It's Christmas in July for Tennessee consumers as lawmakers prioritized consumer protection in the last legislative session, and this month many of those new laws take effect.

With political campaigns in their final weeks, early voting for the August 2nd county general and state primary elections is underway. It will end July 28th. Law enforcement agencies across the southeast are gearing up to put the brakes on high-speed drivers. A Smyrna favorite is back open.

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The Omni Hut Restaurant welcomed in customers for the first time since being forced to close in April to revamp their business model. The bill says local districts shall require each school to display 'In God We Trust" in a prominent location such as an entry, cafeteria or common area.

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A federal judge has struck down a law that allowed Tennessee officials to revoke driver's licenses for defendants who did not pay court costs. Paramedics responded to an address at Olympus Hillwood Apartments on Monday night where they found an unresponsive man in a bathroom. Blackburn takes over for Whit Turnbow who stepped down in May.

Clair Street Senior Center will be closed. Rover, the City's public transportation system, will not run on Independence Day. All current and incoming Motlow State Community College Tennessee Promise students have until July 1 to complete and submit eight hours of community service in order to remain eligible for the Tennessee Promise scholarship. Rutherford County's eldest resident turns years young today Tuesday.

Officers on horseback escorting cuffed man with rope

Mary Soper was born in in Wayne County. Mary moved to Rutherford County in The administrative and alarm offices of the Murfreesboro Police Department were closed Tuesday and will reopen Wednesday in the new headquarters building. The year-old Weir is facing a count indictment after being charged with having sex with a year-old Coffee County student in The United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties and FamilyWize announced that local community members have saved three-point-one-million dollars on prescription medications through the organizations' partnership. Tennessee's May statewide unemployment rate of 3.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency obtains more phone calls about bear activity in the spring than any other time during the year. The first hemp dispensary in Tennessee opens in Murfreesboro.

No program is currently active at this location.

It's been said, perhaps facetiously, a definition of insanity is doing the same thing time after time and expecting different results. Larry Burris says, following blunder after blunder, he would think the pollsters would finally get the message: they can't seem to get it right. The next time you need to make an overnight run to Walmart, you may find the store closed as several locations are no longer open hours a day. The Blackman Barbecue has been a Rutherford County tradition for decades. In fact, this Friday's event is the 69th. Jennifer Fernandez has been named the second head coach in the history of Stewarts Creek High School.

Bob Fortel is the new head coach at Blackman. He replaces Jesse Messick, who last week took a job on the school's baseball staff. Motlow State Community College is offering the Accuplacer Assessment Test at all Motlow campuses multiple times through the calendar year. Amy Josephson has been named the next Riverdale girls head basketball coach.

Principal Ryan Nance made the announcement Monday.