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I here tender them my warmest thanks. My thanks are also due to Professor Bury for kindly reading the proof of chapter xxiv, to Mr Charles Sayle of St John's College for help readily given in bibliographical matters, to many librarians from M. Church Streiton. August 23, Tobler und A. Brandt, ff. Published quarterly. Bull, pro t frang.

Weiss, ff. Every two months. Journal des Savants, ff. Twice a month. Rev, des Etudes Rab. At irregular intervals. Behrens, Berlin, ff- Quarterly twice a year for articles, and twice for reviews.

Das Zeitalter der Renaissance. Darmesteter et A.

Movement in Renaissance Literature

Herminjard, Corr. Herminjard, Correspondance des rdformcUeurs dans les pays de langue frangaise, 9 vols. See vol. II, Appendix G. Andrd Duchesne, 3 vols. Picot, Catalogue des livres composant la bibliothique de feu M. Coste Paris and Lyons N. Hopes of the humanists. Effect of i the war with Charles V, ii the Reformation on the attitude of Francis towards learning and literature His love of chivalry ; influence of chivalry on literature 10 Heraldry ; printers' devices ; poets' mottoes ; blazons ; emblem writers 11 Influence of the court on literature.

Maturin Cordier. The library of Fontainebleau i8 The printing of Greek books. Bourges ; Alciati. Guillaume Pellicier. Jean de Pins. Geoflfroy d'Estissac 22 Rouen. Lyons; its Italian character 23 Its distinguished inhabitants ; Estienne Dolet Attitude of the humanists towards the Reformation. Translations of Greek poetry.

Bouchet 53 Jean Marot. Appointment of Marot as a royal valet de chambre. Change in popular taste as regards poetry.

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His flight to Ferrara Germain Colin Bucher. Marot's translation of the Psalms Change effected by him in French poetry. Influence of the Court 72 Influence of classical models. Mediaeval pastoral poetry. Marot's debt to Virgil. His Psalms 80 His position in French poetry. Marot's disciples 84 Fontaine. Jean Rus. DE Beaulieu. Dolet 92 Salel 93 General character of the poetry of Marot's disciples The Mediceval Story-books The prose-tale ; stories in sermons ; collections of exempla. The Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles. The translation of the Decameron by Laurent du Premierfait. The stories of La Tour Landry.

JOUR DE LECTURE - Tous pressés

Translation of UlenspiegeL Le grand Parangon Her character. Its character ; contains only true stories. Relations between men and women Morality of the work Its artistic shortcomings. General character of her poetry Her chief poems considered Her dramatic work. Chansons spirituelles Examples quoted.

The Cymbalum Mundi. Heroet; hxs La parfaicte amye. Des Essarts's style Specimen of it. His Life Date of his birth ; his birthplace His early education; enters the convent of Fontenay-le-Comte ; studies Greek Leaves the convent and enters the Benedictine monastery of Maillezais - Life between and Gives up his post at the hospital. Second visit to Rome Petitions the Pope. Resigns his livings. Held in high esteem by his contemporaries. His Book Les grandes chroniques.

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The prologue to Gargantua His religious views in later life. Calvin's birth and education. Cop's Latin oration. Calvin's flight. Latin history of P. The memoirs of Fleuranges. Two journals. Bibliographical description of the principal editions of Marot's works published during his lifetime The authorship of the Joyeux Devis. Bibliographical description of the original and other important editions of Gargantua and Pantagruel and of Les grandes croniques Appendix D. Diffusion of classical knowledge Henri de Mesmes's description of his life at college. The art of the reign The Court and literature I, The religious wars.

Amyot Change in the character of French Humanism. Influence of his Plutarch Secret of its success Specimen passage Character of the translation considered Influence of his other translations His style His Projet de V Eloquence royale, Le Roy His translations. Lectures in French 2. Effect of the St Bartholomew on French scholarship.

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Estienne's treatises on the French language His Deux dialogues du nouveau langage franqois italianizi. Fauchet ; his writings Bibliography The beginnings of the Pleiad Ronsard. His education and early career Dorat. Ronsard becomes his pupil. Du Bellay. Deffence et Illustration de la langue Franqoyse.