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So much the better! Now you little person are already 10 months old! How much longer and the first year has gone by and went so fast. Stay healthy and happy, we shall take care of the rest. Mailaender, unfortunately without success. Now it will have to be repeated in the Fall. You are becoming more and more lively by the day. In playpen an d bed you walk along the walls quite independently. You clap your hands when one does it in front of you and you begin generally to imitate a lot.

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And you are so cheerful! It is a real joy. At the moment you sleep less again, but you eat with doubled pleasure and Immense portions. But you are not getting fat, because first of all you have an excellent and punctual digestion and secondly you are much too lively to put on much fat, with all that, thank God, not nervous.

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On some days we have no diapers, on others you wet more frequently. I am trying now to keep you dry during the night, make you go aTH at night and get up at 5: I would like to have you clean soon, that would be a great relief for both of us. March 13, For almost a year I have not touched this book.

It is inexcusable, and only the special circumstances and events and especially all the hardship which we had to experience since the start of the year can explain this neglect, although they do not excuse it. I shall try, little Ruth Marion, to fill in the most important of this long time, whereby much has to remain unsaid, because this past years meant for your development immense progress.

In May you got another two teeth and now you make efforts to walk by yourself. You are turning into a little lady, because for the first time you are dressed in a Drndle dress, white with green and red flowers and a little white apron, and in it you look entirely adorable. A great attraction is an old, gigantic zinc bowl with a diameter of at least 1 meter which Papi found somewhere in the cellar and which has now become, filled with water, an excellent wading pool.

All summer long you spent most of the day, sometimes naked, sometimes very lightly dressed, in the playpen in the garden and your soft skin acquires such a brown tone that even now, in winter, people ask how I do that. If 1 put you under a sun lamp.

Darfs ein Küsschen mehr sein?: Roman - Girlfriends 3 (Die Girlfriend-Reihe) (German Edition)

These vernal open air baths have probably hardened you, because you are thank God not affected by changes in the weather. Besides a small cold to- or three times you never had anything. In the middle of June I went to Marienbad for four weeks and when I returned in the middle of July you came running toward me all on your own across the room. And now that you can climb and run you are discovering the world! Many things will soon be no longer safe from you and your already lively temperament is coming really into its own.

You are plucky and reckless without being confused. Very soon now you are climbing the steep steps which lead to the garden pavilion. Wherever you can you climb and exercise. With other children, whom you always greet with joy and affection, you are always the initiator, but when the others, which happens most of the time, do not respond, you are not angry but you change to another toy.

Lacking still is an understanding of the feelings of the other child. But you have great pleasure with animals. With great pleasure you stand at the house door, watch the people, sometimes even follow someone and when you are supposed tcget away from the door there is always a big scene.

Starting in late Fall, when running and jumping is no longer difficult, talking begins, to make great progress. At first they are, to be sure, only single words which you notice, imitate, and use correctly. Now, in mid-March, you are alreday clearly speaking in complicated sentences or words. You say, for 1 nstance: The other day I used the hand shower on you. When you saw that you said "A Hallo? So, quite logical connections are being formed in your little head.

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In general, you usually know quite well what it is you want, but you are easily guided and not stubborn.. But there is no reason for that, you have not had any bad experiences with strangers. Since mid-November, when Mr. Held showed you, pencil and paper "a La" and "a Bi play an important role. Of course you draw with your left hand, as you do other things, because you are now a little southpaw. With the right you are more clumsy in everything and always try to take everything into your left hand. Likewise with "a Nahn" You are happy when you are allowed to use a blurit needle with sonne string in it and a piece of cloth and poke around in it, but everything with the left.

To "a Nahn" belongs always "a Hinsetz", that means for that one has to sit down. For two weeks "wei" also meant "viele", but suddenly you have introduced an exact delineation. For instance, when you report after a walk what you have seen.

Not only intellectually have you grown prodigiously during the last 4 months, but also physically. In general you are not fat but strong and sturdy. You eat as much as an adult and quickly and well.

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You never gave us any trouble about eating. We are continually surprised what you can put into his little belly. Your behavior, your looks especially because of the slowly growing hair are rather boyish. You are immensely mobile, lively, agile. Yet, at times, you can be thoughtful and girlish, but the liveliness predominates. Often you talk about Pappal, whom you have not seen in almost 3 months and whom you will not see in almost a year. Every night and every morning you ask for his picture , which hangs in every room, and you give him a long "Russie" and an Eijei".

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This love for your PappI is all the more touching, because in the case of others, now matter how much you loved them when they were around, like "Mami Anna" you never asked for them when they were gone. March 14, should be Because lately you suck your thumb of the left hand and especially since you fall asleep that way, Mrs. Since you nevertheless try the thumb of the right hand now sometimes, it is made "pfui" before you fall asleep, that is it is painted with Vermouth, which is less to your liking.

But you are not a regular thumb sucker.

It usually coincides with with increased uncleanliness, restlessness and reduced need for sleep. This condition, however, lasts only a few days. March 20, 38 Pappi's stiff hat is lying on the dresser. You run toward it, examine it critically and say: A festive day for you.


You got used to the new home very quickly, You race up the stairs, especially between the first and the second floor because there is no gate. If one calls you you run all the faster and are upstairs long before one catches you. Downstairs goes more tentatively. If one does not fetch you down, you sit down on the stairs, put your thumb into your mouth and cogitate visibly.

Yesgterday you actually tumbled down, Aaami; I was greener than you! Ill, 30 A day after the move you were awake at five, as usual. But you know quite well, when you are asked the name of the landlord, that it is "Uncle Ernst". The view from the new apartment is beautiful. Below the street car "Eisi-Bahn drives by. Orderliness, inherited from Aani Johanna!

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New is " a Schmeiss" That means that you purposely throw a pillow from the pram or , like today, a beer bottle, but only after you have previously looked at one of us searchingly --throw it with elan and laugh. To blame for this deightful game is Aami Ida, who probably laughed the first time it happened. The only game that is not tolerated is " a Gucku" That means that you take a comb or any other sharp instrument and with it comb the hair of your victim Aami, Aami Taudi over his face and eyes and go " a Gucku" That quickly degenerates into a wild hair-plucking and head-hitting.

Since Aami Ida experienced it once, tolerant as she usually is, she does not tolerate this game any longer. She fears, in light of your energy, for her sparse hair growth. But you obviously enjoy this game. Particularly in the last few days you have made great progress in talking. You say, for instance"a Mausle" with quite a sharp "s" and no longer, as you recently still did "a Maule". Group Roj Place 4. Appeal ftom classification by Alf! For advice, see your Corernment appeal agent.