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Trade in Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egyptian Agriculture - Ancient History Encyclopedia

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See also University College London web post, Near Eastern Archaeology. Breasted attributes the ancient canal's early construction to Senusret III , up through the first cataract.

Life in ancient Egypt

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Egypt: The End of a Civilisation

Institutional Access does not have access to this content. Open Athens. Purchase Content 24 hours online access to download content. In the latter half of the 4th century BCE, the gemstone lapis lazuli was being imported from Badakhshan modern-day Afghanistan. Just before the First Dynasty, Egypt had a colony in southern Canaan that produced Egyptian pottery for export to Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Economy

In the Second Dynasty, Byblos provided quality timber that could not be found in Egypt. By the Fifth Dynasty, trade with Punt gave Egyptians gold, aromatic resins, ebony, ivory, and wild animals. Egypt also traded with Anatolia for tin and copper in order to make bronze.

Mediterranean trading partners provided olive oil and other fine goods. Egypt commonly exported grain, gold, linen, papyrus, and finished goods, such as glass and stone objects. A well-traveled land route from the Nile to the Red Sea crossed through the Wadi Hammamat, and was known from predynastic times. This route allowed travelers to move from Thebes to the Red Sea port of Elim, and led to the rise of ancient cities.