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Now I use this app daily when I have to do a lot of reading and writing. I should probably mention I have ADHD, so this app really helps give me the white noise and drowned out environmental distraction.

35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

When I'm working reading and writing papers , I play this app at the same time as another one called Forest. The other app tracks work time and converts it into social impact it will plant real trees with your accumulated points. Anyway, I've recommended ThinkUp to 3 of my closest friends and I use it every day. Everyone has inner obstacles to overcome and everyone wants to achieve their own definitions of success. Find what works and stick to it. Make it happen!

So I could have easily given up on this app, but somehow I knew things were changing on a subliminal level and that my outer world would eventually catch up. Example, one of my affirmations was about how clean and tidy I am cue laughter from anyone who knows me and my huge struggle with clutter and disorganization. But the magical part was how natural and relatively easy these changes felt, though they had previously been a constant source of doubt and struggle.

Too many other examples to cite here, but it also helped with my relationship with self and others. Many years ago I came across Louise Hays book You Can Heal Your Life, I decided that I was going to record all the affirmations in that book and listen to them when I went to sleep at night and when I woke up and n the morning. The first time I heard my own voice, it was very uncomfortable, however after doing this for 3 months, I had a major physical healing! These were on cassettes and I don't even have a player any more! A friend shared this app with me last month, I paid immediately and got my affirmations recorded and listen to them at night as I drift off to sleep And they are still the laying when I wake up in the morning!

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I love this and I thank u from my heart to yours for coming up with this idea and impacting the world! It is absolutely true. The more you focus on the negative in life, or your least favorite attributes about yourself the more you will notice them. Just how you are able to hype up other women on the internet, you need to be able to do that for yourself! You are an amazing Boss Lady who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to!

If you feel comfortable or are in a space to do so, you should definitely say your positive affirmations out loud! All the freaking time!! If you liked this post do post your thoughts. Do you have any favourite self-affirmation you would like to share? I would love to know about it! Susie March 18, pm. I use mantras and self-affirmations a lot. BTW — your share buttons cover up the words on the left side of the screen on my laptop. Hard to read without scrolling up. Suktara March 19, pm. Jodi March 19, am.


Beth March 19, pm. Amarjeet Sonia Madaan March 19, pm. Deborah Kos March 19, pm.

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I love the idea of daily affirmations. You have given great motivations to use if you do not have your own or if you want to add some to your affirmations. Suktara March 20, pm. Thank you for that comment.

21 Positive Affirmations to Gain more Confidence

Affirmations are so important to keep going especially for us bloggers. Michelle March 22, am. Alyssa March 22, am. I use weekly affirmations and loved reading this post. I live for positive motivation and inspiration! Thank you for sharing with us. Suktara March 22, pm. Thank you so much for reading this. I love to write about personal growth and self-improvement and affirmations are huge part of that.

Paige March 22, am.

21 Positive Affirmations

But it all boils down to feeding our subconscious minds with positive seeds. Then those seeds are planted and we wait for the fruitful harvest. I had read on a blog about doing a daily affirmation with journaling. You were to write a list in a journal every morning and evening of affirmations. These are dreams or goals but you had to say them in the present or as if you already had it. The more specific, the better. Each day was a new page, moving forward.

21 Day Challenge: Morning I AM Affirmations for Abundance & Prosperity

For example: I have a thriving blog with , subscribers. I tried it for a month and it seems silly but it really effective in helping your mind embrace the possibilities of your dreams. Thanks for the article. Trust me, it seemed so silly to me at first. Like what is happening, what am I doing. But then I just focussed on being positive and this has certainly increased my productivity.

Thank you for that thoughtful comment! Kendra Self-Care Overload April 17, am.

I love love love these affirmations! It really works.

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